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Artists and Labels use Bundio to distribute their creations to their biggest fans.

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How It Works

Create Your Art

Artists are sharing much more than the final product with their fans through social media and online distribution. This happens on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, as opposed to the traditional album release every year or two.

Bundio enables you to turn everything you release into an experience for your fans. You choose what goes into the subscription and how frequent you post new content.

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Upload Content

Bundio supports all file types, so you can share your videos, photos, music and anything else you or your fans capture.

Promote Your Subscription

Share your subscription with your fans using the channels you already use.

We make it easy for them to subscribe.

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Fans Subscribe

Publish your subscription on your own website!

Let your fans find it easily at Contact us to find out how.

Collect Emails and Monthly Revenue

Set a fixed price per month or let your fans decide. You can even offer free subscriptions.

Directly communicate with the fans that support you the most. When you have email addresses, you are not locked into one platform for building your presence.

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